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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bad News for all projects on NH24 : NH-24 widening project scrapped

Here is a disturbing news in TOI, showing how irresponsible the GDA officers about the traffic woes of residents along NH24.

NEW DELHI: While all roadowning agencies have been focusing on widening stretches to ease traffic jams, the road transport and highways ministry (MoRTH) seems to have learnt from past experiences that this only helps in increasing the road's capacity. It has put paid to plans for widening of the 20km stretch on NH-24 between Delhi border and Dasna even after finalizing the bidder. The ministry will now remove all the traffic lights on the stretch and will construct underpasses and service lanes for facilitating movement of local traffic.

This is the most important stretch for commuters going to Corbett National Park and Nainital because of the huge residential development along the corridor.

"We realized that simply widening the stretch is not enough to improve traffic flow. It will only help us in increasing the capacity of the road. So the plan has been withdrawn," confirmed DG (roads) R P Indoria.

He said the ministry is now planning to do away with all the traffic intersections and signals on the stretch. "We now plan to build underpasses and service roads so that the local traffic does not get mixed with the long-distance traffic," said Indoria.

At present, the 20km stretch has four lanes and is one of the most congested NH corridors in the country.



akhil said...

that is the Worst news we can heard first thing in morning :(....

i beleive we are going 5 years back from here. now...

Rajesh Pandey said...

Seems nobody is interested in developing Ghaziabad. All the current development is for Noida and G Noida; despite that they are already well developed and connected. UP Govt CHOR hai.. Is indoria ko yahan paise khaane ko nahi mile honge, to S***** ne project scrap kara diya..

Amit Dixit said...

The decision to remove all local traffics is also not a complete bad move. A signal free NH-24 is the ultimate desire of everyone.

This decision seems to be taken after calculating the constrains like budget and time frame.

There may be many the reasons; one of the major one is ... lack of a central executing authority.

This project kept rolling between NOIDA, Ghaziabad and Greater NOIDA authorities.

Let see how local traffic movements are diverted in this plan.

akhil said...

its good to be opitimistic.. however i have to say the only thing we were waiting was widening of Nh24 to 6 lanes at least i belive now Nh24 projects will take a beating.,. big way.. what Mr Indoria has said. regarding underpasses and services will take at least 10 years to deleop.. that too he has not mentioned at which places we want to do that.... thats the diff between Gzb and Noida .... Noida is 10 years ahead of Gzb..: